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Working from Home

While the current pandemic has wreaked havoc across the world think how much worse the restrictions would have been without reasonable internet connectivity and mobile computing. Even a decade ago this would have been even more extreme.

Many businesses have no option but to operate from physical infrastructure. Yet, of those not so constrained, only a small percentage have the agile systems to operate a virtual workplace with staff working from home.

If this crisis has taught us anything it is that proper infrastructure, support for distributed working and management processes that can work outside the physical office is crucial for survival. Luckily, we have systems that work this way embodying processes into computer workflows.


The Changed Landscape

Death and taxes, to which I would add change, are the only constants. There is no doubt that the landscape has changed forever – what it will look like and the long-term effects are unsure but won’t be going back to business as usual.

Traditionalists have been shocked that they no longer can pass pieces of paper around the office. Thankfully, most of our customers have already started to utilise appropriate technology which has enabled an acceleration of a long overdue process. Of course, there will be casualties who refuse change.

Resilience and productivity are likely to be lively topics for discussion when firms start to pick up the threads. With almost all businesses being poorer this year there is unlikely to be an appetite to spend unless it is a necessity or confers significant and immediate benefits.

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People Zooming from home

Beware of Pitfalls

Shadow IT: refers to Apps or other tools that might be used but the IT department be unaware or discourage. Common examples include Slack, Dropbox, and Skype. They may violate governance and pose security risks.

Disconnected data repositories: happens when people use ad-hoc or alternative means of distributing information; whether using Google Docs or email attachments. This is potential for a nightmare of duplication, uncertain ownership and an inability to identify the true version. A recipe for loss of control, non-compliance and risk.

Lack of overall strategy: ad-hoc solutions for team communication may provide quick fixes, but without a company policy, they will never provide a long-term strategic solution. Stakeholders may get fragmented by using different and incompatible approaches. They can miss important information, it is potentially fragmented, or leave members out of the loop completely.



Coronavirus is everywhere, scattering populations and imposing wide ranging lockdowns or worse. Yet we need to go about our daily lives and occupations as much as is feasible. This quantum shift for most is major wake up call which can be addressed by human ingenuity and the intelligent use of technology.

Stay safe utilising socially responsible systems that can ensure that your business has the best chance of survival and stays compliant.

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